Legal Misconceptions

During the Great Wars, there was a saying “loose lips sink ships” and the same applies when being questioned by the Police.

The only information you are obliged to provide the police are personal details:-Full name, Date of Birth, Age, Home address, and license details.

All other questions should be answered “until I have received Legal advice, I wish to exercise my right of silence”.

There are a number of Rules to ruining your case

  1. Attempting to talk your way out of your mess
  2. Talking to the Police – you merely reinforce their case against you
  3. Misleading Police
  4. Failing to tell your Lawyer the truth
  5. Failing to tell the Court the truth

You are more likely to be successful if:

  1. You make no admissions to the police-simply provide your name, address, drivers license, and advise the police you do not wish to make any statements except under legal advice. The Police ask questions, so as to make their job easier and to ensure a conviction. By talking unnecessarily you are actually helping the police make their case against you. In most cases the Police intend to charge you regardless of what you say, so do not say anything.
  2. Don’t be your own lawyer. You need someone who is calm, rational, objective and knows the trade of law. Being interviewed by the Police is a daunting and unpleasant experience.
  3. Always tell the truth.