Professional Conveyancing Services that Take the Worry Out of Buying a Property

We’re able to provide conveyancing to smoothly and successfully transfer property ownership to you in a deal. We guarantee our services and your title. We get it right from the beginning, to make the process stress-free for you.

Unfortunately buying a property these days isn’t just as simple as writing a check and collecting the keys. Conveyancing is the practice of legally transferring ownership of a property from one person to another, and it’s a fairly sizable task.

If you’re looking to buy property, you’ll want to know several things before you sign the contract, inlucindg whether you’re entering a fair agreement that respects your rights and makes sure you get the property you want without hidden catches.

If you rush into a deal without enough information and without a fair and thorough contract in place, you could find yourself taken advantage of. Here’s a selection of basic questions you’ll need an answer to before you sign a sales contract.

Does the person or company that you’re buying from truly own the property, in the eyes of the local and state authorities? Is the land that the property sits on free from contamination? Are there restrictions on what you can use the land for?

It seems obvious, but these are important questions to know the answer to before you enter into a contract or part with your cash.

Have it All Taken Care of With Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the collection of tasks performed by solicitors that ensure everything is as it should be, and that the property is fully and legally transferred to you when the purchase is completed. We take care of all the legal work involved in preparing sales contracts and mortgages, and we’ve got a thorough and efficient process in place to perform all the necessary research.

It’s essentially due diligence, performed on your behalf.

So if you’re buying or selling property, what exactly will we do for you?

Title Searching

Before a property can be sold, there needs to be absolute clarity as to which parties hold the title to the property. Searches are also used to determine whether there are any restrictions on the use of the land, and if there are any debts such as mortgages that are owed on the property.

Gathering this information is the most time and effort-consuming part of the conveyancing process. In Australia, we have federal, state and local governance, which means that records need to be checked carefully with all the relevant authorities.

Although in theory you could do it yourself, there are a couple of great reasons why you might want to use our services.

The Benefits of Professional Conveyancing

Competent conveyancers will have professional indemnity insurance that protects you in case of mistake or negligence. That fact should give you peace of mind – professional conveyancers are trusted by insurers to oversee legal transfer of titles, and to make you fully aware of any land or debt issues on the property before signing the contract.

Aside from the many hours saved, this guarantee is the biggest advantage that using a conveyancing solicitor has over doing it yourself. If the property you’re looking at is your new home, it’s easy to see how professional conveyancing will let you sleep well at night when you move in.