How We Work

Murphy Lyons Lawyers believe in the German Blitzkrieg philosophy – “strike first and move fast”. We work smart, work fast, use smart people, and use smart technology.

Murphy Lyons Lawyers do this by providing legal advice about various processes and tools within the legal system to minimise the time, financial and emotional expense incurred seeking legal solutions.

We are happy for you to browse our website and extract whatever free online legal information is helpful to you, even if you don’t use our services. Or contact us for free legal advice.

At Murphy Lyons Lawyers we like to get the ball rolling. We believe there is no right or wrong way to attack a problem. Pontificating about the best approach is merely a way of delaying the inevitable. Usually the issues crystallise very quickly, and everyone knows the position of other party, and what has to be done to resolve the matter. We don’t believe in malingering. The sooner a case is started the sooner it is finished.

We love email, Skype, scanners and photocopiers that print faster then we can count. We love electronic filing and service of Court documents, and the Legal Resources from Legislation, Regulations, Rules and Judicial decisions from the High Court to the Local Court, from the Northern Territory to New South Wales. Access to information is immediate and cheap, meaning we can focus on our clients’ needs quickly and effectively.

If you want to represent yourself in Court for any number of reasons, there is nothing to stop you from doing so. There are hundreds of self-represented litigants before the Courts each day and often the self-represented litigant receives an excellent outcome.

After all the Law is not really a mystery, but based on fairness, decency and common sense.

We can help you to understand court rules and procedures and to interpret the law. The Courts and staff are only too happy to provide information, assist and direct free of charge, as are we.

Our Role

We are friendly and approachable. Murphy Lyons Lawyers take the time to examine your case fully, listen to your needs and discuss all the options available to you. Once you approach Murphy Lyons Lawyers you can be assured that your case will be handled with complete confidentiality.

We see our role as:

  • Informing our clients about the law,
  • Identifying what we see as our client’s entitlements,
  • Identifying what we see as the other party’s entitlements,
  • Acting as a buffer zone between the parties,
  • Liaising with the other Lawyer,
  • Narrowing the issues of the case to save time and money, and
  • Bringing about a settlement.

Acting as your “Buffer Zone” is a very important role. We can keep you and the other party apart, lifting the burden from your shoulders. Let us do the worrying.

We do not take on work outside our field of expertise, as this would not be in a client’s best interests, but will refer you to a firm with that expertise.

Your Role

If we are to effectively help you, you must help yourself, and provide information, assistance and support when called upon by Murphy Lyons Lawyers. It is a team effort. Murphy Lyons Lawyers are responsive, respectful and trustworthy. If your case is stressful or emotionally charged we ensure you are treated with sensitivity and compassion. In return, we expect openness and honesty from our clients to enable us to do our job.