Company Set Up

So you’ve got the makings of a great business  –  a product or service that people really want. You’re keen to get started making, doing and selling – but all that red tape can be intimidating. Up until here, it’s been exciting and fun – but now you have to actually throw your hat in the ring, form a proprietary company and be held accountable as a real business.

You might not know where to start. Do you need the protection of a limited company? How do corporate taxes work? What are your legal obligations as a business owner?

It can be bewildering. You might be afraid of getting bogged down, wasting money or setting up the wrong thing entirely.

It’d be nice to just have it all taken care of. Someone to clearly explain how companies work, and just get things up and running without any hassle.

The first thing we give you is honest advice on whether you actually need a company, or whether a different business structure would be better. We respect your time and money and only want to sell you a service you genuinely need.

If a company structure is right for you, we’ll walk you through the steps of choosing a name, structure and registration. You’ll get the whole thing taken care of so you can get your business on the road and start turning a profit.

We’ll explain the big picture of how companies work, and what your legal requirements are. We’ll show you exactly what you need to remember, and what you can stop worrying about.

You’ll also find us better value than bigger law firms – and we only want you to pay for what you genuinely need.

“Have you set up companies for others?”

We certainly have.  We’ve helped many budding entrepreneurs with the legal side of things. It’s a pleasure to watch a new business owner walk out of our offices to go off and create, innovate and sell.

“Isn’t it A Very Complicated Process?”

Not for us. We’re very familiar with corporate law. We only need a few snippets of information from you, and then we can quickly conduct the setup.

Call us today, and let’s get your business out into the world.