Our Legal System

Our system of law started prior to the industrial revolution in England, and it has undergone constant and daily change since. It is the linchpin to trade and commerce, especially in this Global Economy, which is now moving at the speed of sound. People and businesses need confidence in their legal position, otherwise everything is built like a house of cards and must come tumbling down – anarchy will reign, and nothing will remain sacred or protected. The process of Law has not remained in the draconian ages where things took an eternity.

The electronic and technical communication has been welcomed in Courts and Murphy Lyons Lawyers. First there were handwritten court pleadings. Along came the typewriter and through many phases came the word processor, and spell check.

Instead of standing in lines to file documents Murphy Lyons Lawyers can now file Summons, Statement of Claims, pleadings, affidavits and other documents electronically, in most Court Jurisdictions. Gradually all Courts will have this electronic capacity to file documents.

You may say what is the relevance of all this? The answer is time, speed and costs, thus clients save on Legal Costs. If clients of Murphy Lyons Lawyers use email regularly, this saves considerable time and costs. Also Murphy Lyons Lawyers have the capacity for clients to remotely log into their file and review it at any time.