23rd Feb 2013

Years ago I had an interesting case of a couple that were living separately and apart but under the same roof. The husband and wife had virtually not spoken to each other for about 15 years. They continued to live together and sleep in the same bed, as the only daughter became pregnant at the age of 13 and had a baby. The grandparents raised the baby as their child, and the child thought her mother was her sister. The grandparents had a semi-detached cottage with only two bedrooms. The wife kept house for the family and prepared meals. As…

23rd Jan 2013

I recall some years ago a very acrimonious separation of a husband and wife. Each said that they would be the better parent, and that the children should live with them rather then the other parent. I acted for the husband who reluctantly consented to an order that the wife have custody and that he was to have periodic access. Within three days of the Court Order, the children had packed their bags and moved in with their father. So much for the Court Order that the children live with their mother.